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FixTrain+: A Multifunctional Training Device for Special Purposes (e.g. Schools)

FixTrain+ is the latest device developed by the Freiburg BlickZentrum.

It combines several features:

Mädchen Training
  • Multifunctionality: All training programms of BlickLabor are integrated in one single device (all-in-one-device)
  • Group training: Simple administration of up to 13 training-users
  • Internet access: Stand alone MicroPC with built in internet access enables transfer of training data to the Freiburg BlickZentrum
  • Monitored training: All training sessions are coached by a single professional (the administrator of the training will be well-instructed by BlickLabor)

FixTrain+ is currently in use in several schools. The feedback is mostly very positive, so we will go on promoting this way of training, especially for schools.

For more information about training from a teacher's point of view (practical experience) please contact:

 Locomotive Learning
 Mrs Delma Wilson
 6 North Rd
 Selsey, Chichester
 W. Sussex PO20 0BW

 email: delmawilson @ hotmail.com

Special Training Arrangements for Schools based on the use of FixTrain+

Please contact the Freiburg BlickLabor, if you'are interested in a group training at your school. We will offer an individual discount.

Contact:    freiburg @ blicklabor.de

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