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Training can correct deficiencies in low-level auditory and visual processing as well as in saccade control and fixation. The reception of visual or auditory information from the eyes or ears to the various processing centres in the brain can be improved by daily practice. The overcoming of developmental deficits may in turn lead to better progress at school. Improvements in auditory and visual functioning will not necessarily cure all aspects of dyslexia and learning difficulties but it will ensure that children struggling at school will not be disadvantaged by undiagnosed visual or auditory deficits throughout their school careers (read more about adequate training measures).

Effects of the Training and Transfer to Learning at School

All three training procedures (Auditory, Visual, Saccade) have been evaluated as to their effectiveness. The changes of the variables describing the different tasks were measured before and after the training In each case. The percentage of successful subjects was calculated. Specific studies have then been conducted to see the transfer of the training to learning at school (read more about specific training effects).

Special Training Arrangements for Schools Based on the Use of FixTrain+

FixTrain+, the latest development of the Freiburg Blickzentrum enables multi-user training and data transfer via internet. This is an important advantage compared with the individual training at home with single-user devices ... (more)

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