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Assessments of saccade control, visual and auditory discrimination is being conducted by us in Freiburg, but this service is also beeing offerd at various locations by our team as well. For this reason the Freiburg BlickLabor sends its staff to points of support (optometrists, medical practices, schools, private tutors etc.) in Germany and other European countries.

In addition, well trained professionals are performing assessments independently from the main centre in Freiburg at some other regional laboratories in Germany and outside(see below).

Cooperation Partners: BlickLabor

Fully equipped Regional Blicklabors for professional assessments exist in
Australia  Wodonga and Albury 
England  Chichester 
Germany   Bamberg,  Bremen,  Geldern,  Hamburg,  Leimen,  Leipzig,  Munich (We speak English!)
Switzerland  Luzern 

Points of Support (BlickMobil)

According to prerequired demands (4 children minimum to assess) it will be possible to arrange mobile assessments by the team of BlickLabor in a city next to you.

Map and compiled list of all partners of BlickLabor existing in Germany can be found on our website.

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