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Indications for assessments at BlickLabor

Assessments in Auditory and/or Visual Processing and/or Saccade Control at BlickLabor may be appropriate and indicated if:

1. There are concerns about hearing, vision or direction of sight even though hearing or sight tests show no impairments or deficiencies. For example, reading may be accompanied by the rubbing of eyes, tiredness or headaches, loosing the lines or words, missing the endings of words.


2. There are signs of dyslexia, dyscalculia or learning difficulties. The student is struggling at school to make progress in reading, writing and/or arithmetic. Children with general learning problems, who are not diagnosed as dyslexic or dyscalculic suffer very often (up to 100%) from deficits in auditory and visual processing and from deficits in saccade control


3. ADHD has been diagnosed.

Any developmental deficits in auditory and visual processing or in saccade control of unknown reasons may contribute to learning difficulties. These are also indications to consult the Blicklabor

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