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Auditory Processing in Spelling

Correct auditory processing is needed, when the spoken words must be translated into written words. The auditory assessments developed by the Blicklabor concerns 5 different and independent sub-domains of auditory discrimination. The evaluation of the data from control and dyslexic subjects has shown, that not all subjects were able to perform one or the other task at all. In giving the required response of whether or not two similar sounds were identical or not they could not do any better than by guessing. The figure shows the result In a graphical form.


The two age curves show the age development of auditory processing by the mean number of unsolved tasks. The ideal value is zero and had not been reached (as a mean value) by the age of 18 years. Note the difference between the controls and the dyslexics at all ages. Depending on the specific task between 35 and 75 dyslexics did not reach the range of the controls

When a training of auditory discrimination and transfer to spelling is successfully completed the spelling errors are reduced. Note: neither the assessment nor the training require any knowledge of language.

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