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The Scientific Basis of the Freiburg BlickLabor: A Synoptic View on the Most Important Studies of the Optomotor Research Group (University of Freiburg, Germany),...


  • Instability of Fixation in Dyslexia: Development Deficits Training → abstract

  • Saccade Control in Dyslexia: Development, Deficits, Training and Transfer to Reading → abstract

  • On the Development of Low-Level Auditory Discrimination and Deficits in Dyslexia → abstract

  • The Effect of Practice on Low-Level Auditory Discrimination, Phonological Skills, and Spelling in Dyslexia → abstract

  • Subitizing and Visual Counting in Children with Problems in Acquiring Basic Arithmetic Skills → abstract

  • Effects of Daily Practice on Subitizing, Visual Counting,and Basic Arithmetic Skills → abstract

...Approvals by Independent Research Groups and...

  • Neuro-Developmental Assessment and Treatment for Optomotor Deficits → full text

  • Behavioral plasticity of antisaccade performance following daily practice → abstract

  • Subitizing: Vision therapy for math deficits → abstract

  • Improving antisaccade performance in adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) → abstract

  • Antisaccades in Dyslexic Children: Evidence for Immaturity of Oculomotor Cortical Structures → full text

English books and articles of Prof. Dr. B. Fischer

Looking for Learning
Auditory, Visual and Optomotor Processing of Children with Learning Problems
Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2007
ISBN-10: 1-60021-502-5
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Fischer B (2012) Subitizing, Dynamic Vision, Saccade and Fixation Control in Dyslexia. In: Stein J, Kapoula Z (eds) Visual Aspects of Dyslexia. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp 15-43

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