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The assessments at BlickLabor analyse the processing of auditory and visual information from the eyes to the brain. These fundamental auditory and visual processes are "low-level" in the sense that they happen automatically. As individuals we unaware if these processes are functioning well or not. It is only by the analysis of these processes that deficiencies become apparent. Prof. Dr. B. Fischer has developed ten tests and training programmes to diagnose and rectify these dysfunctions.

Accurate visual and auditory processing is indispensable for successful learning in school. Learning to read places high demands on visual motor and saccade control, deficiencies may surface as reading problems. A child with binocular instability will find learning to read frustrating. Subitizing is important for the acquisition of basic number skills and for the recognition of word patterns. Auditory discrimination is essential for learning language.

Training rectifies weaknesses in auditory and visual processing and facilitates higher level learning processes. Studies show that some children show progress in reading, writing and arithmetic even before completing the training. In other cases parents report improvement later.


The figure shows schematically the domains of diagnosis and training covered by the procedures developd by the BlickLabor. On can see immediately, that none of the existing methods are replaced. Rather the existing gaps are filled.

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