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About us

BlickLabor: Education, Research, Assessment and Training

Blicklabor informs parents, teachers, educationalists, therapists, optometrists and doctors of the educational implications of its research so that children, teenagers and adults with learning difficulties can benefit from its assessment and training.

Research continues into the connection between auditory and visual processing and learning difficulties. Assessment and training procedures are revised, updated and improved.

Prof. Dr. B. Fischer makes frequent presentations on his scientific research, its educational implications and assessment and training. Please ask for details. He also accepts invitations from interested groups and institutions in order to make the work of BlickLabor more widely known.

Blicklabor also offers training for optometrists, teachers, educationalists, therapists and consultants who are involved in or moving into the field of learning difficulties. A qualified associate of BlickLabor can assess and offer training programmes to those with learning difficulties in their own region or country. There are BlickLabor centres throughout Europe as well as in Australia.

For more information please download our brochure (PDF-file, 350 kb).

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