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The History and Development of BlickLabor

BlickLabor originated from the Optomotor Research Group at the University of Freiburg in southern Germany. Prof. Dr. B. Fischer has been investigating the neural processing of vision and saccade control for over 30 years... (more)

BlickLabor Today

The assessments at BlickLabor analyse the processing of auditory and visual information from the eyes to the brain. These fundamental auditory and visual processes are "low-level" in the sense that they happen automatically. As individuals we unaware if these processes are functioning well or not. It is only by the analysis of these processes that deficiencies become apparent. Prof. Dr. B. Fischer has developed ten tests and training programmes to diagnose and rectify these dysfunctions... (more)

BlickLabor: Education, Research, Assessment and Training

Blicklabor informs parents, teachers, educationalists, therapists, optometrists and doctors of the educational implications of its research so that children, teenagers and adults with learning difficulties can benefit from its assessment and training... (more)

BlickLabor: Scientific Research

The eyes and the ears are receptors or receivers of visual and auditory stimuli, but it is the brain that transforms this information into meaningful images and sounds. Stimuli from the eyes, ears and other sense organs undergo complex processing in different parts of the brain until the input is translated into comprehensible signals, sounds, patterns and pictures in our consciousness. This fundamental or "low-level" auditory and visual processing occurs automatically and subconsciously... (more)

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